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2018 Handbooks

Below you will find the American Model United Nations International (AMUN) 2018 Representative Handbooks, the main preparation guides for the AMUN Conference.

Individuals or groups not attending AMUN are also welcome to view and utilize the material in these books. Individuals are welcome to use any preparation tips they feel appropriate. We hope that these handbooks can be helpful to a broad community of MUN participants and other interested individuals.

Interested in using our materials for your own conference?

Other Model UN conferences or groups are also welcome to utilize AMUN’s Handbooks or other printed materials. Whether your conference is just starting out, or if an existing conference is revamping and updating their materials, you are welcome to utilize any items published by AMUN if they will assist your group. As these handbooks are under copyright, we do ask that any group interested in reprinting AMUN materials or publishing a handbook (or other preparation guide) which includes AMUN materials make a formal request to the AMUN Executive Office for the use of this information. This can be done by filling out the Request for permission to use handbooks.

Note that these handbooks are available in .pdf formats — we recommend that you download and view/print the handbooks to guarantee formatting that is as close to the original as possible. The first link for each handbook displays the book in its entirety. Other links display one chapter at a time for your ease of viewing and printing.

Issues at AMUN 2018

AMUN Rules and Procedures 2018

The AMUN Rules and Procedures Handbook includes logistical information about the AMUN Conference, a detailed guide on how students can prepare for the Conference, and the rules of procedure for the various AMUN Committees and Councils.

You can read the individual chapters below and print them out or view the Full Handbook.


The Issues at AMUN and AMUN Rules and Procedures Handbooks are © Copyright 1990-2024, by American Model United Nations, Inc. (AMUN). Reproduction of any part of these handbooks may be made only by written consent of AMUN. Please Request for permission to use handbooks online. AMUN will be pleased to provide permission to copy this information to any Model United Nations organization or other educational group that is interested in utilizing this material. AMUN asks that groups interested in using this material do the following:

  • Request permission to use the material by e-mail or in writing, stating the name of your group, purpose for which the information will be used, and contact information for your group, and,
  • Credit AMUN on each reprint of the material for any information used. For further information, please contact the AMUN Executive Office by e-mail at or by phone at (773) 777-AMUN.

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