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Advertise with AMUN

American Model United Nations International (AMUN) provides many opportunities for organizations to reach out to our 750 to 1400 Conference participants. Take out an advertisement in our Conference Program. Attend our Graduate School and Career Expo or include brochures in our opening packets.

Why Place An Advertisement with AMUN?

By placing an advertisement with AMUN, you can highlight your organization’s activities and programs, promote your business or a specific program, or just welcome students to the conference on behalf of your organization.

Groups that may want to advertise with AMUN include

  • International Businesses: highlight your business and activities to students who will be both potential employees and future customers.
  • Local Chicago Businesses: advertise your products and services to over 1,400 students gathered in Chicago for a major, four-day conference.
  • Graduate and Law Schools: provide information on your program to a targeted audience of high-performing students who are likely to continue their education at the Graduate or professional level.
  • International Non-Profit Organizations: highlight your organization’s activities to a targeted group of students who are likely to be interested in continuing their international activities after graduation.
  • Other Model UN or educational conferences: advertise your conference to a targeted audience of students who are likely to attend similar events.
  • Any individual or organization that would like to contribute to AMUN and congratulate our participants on their educational endeavor.

We hope that a variety of groups, organizations and individuals will consider placing an advertisement with AMUN. This contribution will actively support the education of tomorrow’s leaders by contributing to the AMUN International Conference, to be held in Chicago, Illinois from 23–26 November 2024.

Conference Program Advertisements

AMUN produces a yearly Conference program, which is distributed to all 1,400+ of our Conference participants. Advertisements will be published in the AMUN Conference Program, containing the conference schedule and other pertinent participant information, thus maximizing the exposure of any ads placed in the program. The 2022 Conference Program is available to review and as an example of our typical program.

Organizations can purchase one-half page (4″ by 5″) full-color advertisement spaces for $200 and full-page (8″ by 5″) full-color advertisement spaces for $300. Limited premium advertisement spaces can also be purchased at an additional cost.

The deadline for placing a Conference Program advertisement is 9 October.

Opening Packet Brochures

Graduate and Law Schools and Businesses seeking employees should also view information about AMUN’s Graduate School and Career Expo. If you are unable to attend you may wish to include brochures in AMUN’s opening packet provided to all attendees during registration. You can include brochures or pamphlets for each participant in the opening packet for $400.

Purchasing Advertisements

Organizations can reserve an advertisement through the AMUN secure online ordering system.

AMUN is happy to accept credit cards or checks as payment. Credit card users are strongly encouraged to use the online ordering system. Submissions made with a check may be placed online, but your registration cannot be processed until payment is received.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our AMUN Executive Office at (773) 777-AMUN (2686) or via e-mail at

Thank you for your support!

Please note: your contribution to American Model United Nations, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, is tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

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