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International Court of Justice

Information for Justices and Advocates

Welcome to the American Model United Nations International Court of Justice website. On behalf of the staff, I welcome you to this year’s Court, whether you are a Justice, an Advocate, or a friend of the Court. On this website you will find the basic documents that will help you prepare for your ICJ experience. Although you may not need all of the available material due to its inapplicability to you or your position, we want all the material to be available for your perusal.

In particular, please be sure to read the email you received that describes your position (Justice or Advocate). Both the Advocates and the Justices have specialized roles to play. Also, please be sure to read "International Court of Justice" in the AMUN handbook. This publication provides detailed information on how you can best prepare for your role with the Court and the background for the cases under consideration this year.

Feel free to e-mail either myself or the AMUN Executive Office if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you in November!

Good Luck,

Tessa Schutt
Director, AMUN International Court of Justice



Justice deliberate during a closed session

The role of a Justice is much different from the traditional role as an MUN delegate, and significantly distinct from that of an Advocate. As a Justice, you have several responsibilities. All 15 ICJ Justices are responsible for reading the briefs and hearing arguments on each of the 3 cases. You will then deliberate to analyze and discuss the cases and arguments in order to determine the appropriate applications of international law in each case. Justices are also responsible for writing opinions for each case. Preparation for this role is very important. Please familiarize yourself with the relevant law surrounding each case. Coming to conference with a strong working knowledge of each case is a key element to a successful and rewarding simulation. A well-prepared Justice is well versed in the laws surrounding each case, familiar with ICJ procedures, and able to write a legal opinion.


The role of an Advocate is a very stimulating role at Conference. Your Advocate role is in addition to your Committee/Council assignment with the privilege of representing your country by arguing a case before the ICJ. Preparing for this role can be time consuming, as it not only involves dedicated research and writing, but it also requires an oral presentation before the Court. Appropriate preparation is essential to a rewarding and successful simulation of the ICJ. It is important that all Advocates properly prepare and submit Memorials on time. In addition, please use the lead up time to Conference wisely by drafting and practicing your Oral Arguments. The Justices will be reading your Memorials for your country’s position; however, your presentation during your Oral Argument is also a key part of the Justice’s decisions. Please come to Conference having turned in your Memorial on time, and ready to argue your case before the Court.

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Memorials will only be posted when they have been received from all countries required to submit memorials for the case. All memorials are due by 25 October 2024. Please e-mail memorials to

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