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Teaching and Training Model UN Resources

Resources Provided by AMUN
AMUN is always seeking ways to make preparing for AMUN and other MUN conferences easier and more efficient, thus allowing both faculty and students more time to focus on researching their assigned country and topics. With this in mind, we have put together a number of resources directed specifically at faculty members and student leaders (club officers, etc.) who are responsible for leading others in their preparations.

A number of AMUN staff members have been involved with Model UNing for more than a decade, and have experience on all sides of the Model UN world — as participants, as conference organizers and as faculty members or officers preparing a group for attendance. In creating this page we have brought together many ideas from our staff members, along with resources they have used in the past. This includes class and club resources, as well as presentations made to past Model UN Summit training conferences run by the United Nations Association of the USA.

If you have any lessons, syllabi or curricula on MUN teaching or planning, or on substantive or procedural UN issues, which you would like included in this listing, please e-mail us at AMUN will gladly credit your organization with authorship and provide links to your conference or program.


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  1. Teaching of Model UN
  2. Sample Model UN Course Syllabi
  3. Resources Provided by AMUN
    • AMUN’s Representative handbooks: these are the main preparation guides for the AMUN International Conference, but should also be read by faculty and student leaders to help them prepare students.
    • Country Pronunciation Video: Pronouncing your fellow Representatives’ country names correctly is a sign of respect and diplomatic courtesy, and mispronouncing them may be taken as a slight. Get them right by practicing with our pronunciation video, which is available publicly on YouTube.
  4. Resources provided by the United Nations Association of the United States of America (UNA-USA). The UNA provides a broad range of resources for MUN participants and faculty members. Information on these publications is available at: Specific items include:
      • UNA Calendar of Events: this guide lists all known high school and college level Model UN conferences around the world, including full contact information and descriptions of each event.
    • A Global Agenda: Issues before the UN General Assembly: this book is updated yearly, and provides background notes on the main topics which will be discussed by the UN General Assembly each year. This is another excellent complement to a conference handbook.
    • Global Classrooms Curriculum: this high school based curriculum is an excellent guide for high school teachers on introducing international affairs and the Model UN to your classroom.

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