COVID Vaccination and Attendance Policy

Safety at AMUN

AMUN places extreme importance on the safety of our participants and guests. We hope that you have an excellent and fun learning experience while at the Conference, but encourage everyone to consider safety issues in and around the Conference hotels. We also suggest that you follow several common sense rules to keep all participants safe during the conference. These include:

  • As a general rule, do not leave the hotel grounds without letting your group know how to find you;
  • Always let one of the leaders of your group (faculty, club officer, etc.) know where you are going prior to leaving the area around the hotel (to visit local friends or relatives, etc.);
  • Never leave any of the hotels alone after dark, always travel with at least one person that you know;
  • Always remove your name tag prior to leaving the hotel so as not to advertise yourself as a “tourist;”
  • Help other participants to be safe by encouraging others to not travel outside of the hotel alone
  • Inform one of the leaders of your group immediately if you have a safety concern, or if any emergency situation occurs to you or another participant, regardless of the time. Remember that safety should always be more important than avoiding minor embarrassment to you or another person.

AMUN encourages all Faculty Advisors and other group leaders to take time before the Conference to reinforce these and any other relevant safety instructions based on the rules of your schools. Also, please feel free to contact the AMUN staff at any time during the Conference, day or night, if any emergency event occurs where we can be of assistance.

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