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Country Lottery

A lottery for country assignments to the 2025 American Model United Nations International (AMUN) Conference will be held at the 2024 Conference on Monday, 25 November 2024. Please review the Information on simulations, dates, and fees and Member State list for the 2025 conference.

The first round of the lottery will be held at 11:30 a.m. Central Time. Delegations pre-registered for the lottery should plan on having the decision-maker for their group attend the lottery. Schools will be randomly drawn, then we will give each school the opportunity to affirm or change its choice of country from those available at the time they are drawn. In-person participation in the Lottery is not required; if you are not able to be present during the live lottery, members of the AMUN Secretariat will use your Lottery application to select a country on your behalf. If you are unable to be present, it is critically important that you fill out your Lottery application fully to give clear instructions and guidance to the Secretariat members responsible for country assignments.

Lottery applications are due before 5:00 pm on Sunday, 24 November 2024. Applications must be turned in at the Executive Office; please see the Conference Program when you arrive at Conference for the location of the Executive Office. A $TBD deposit is required at the time of application for each country requested, and this will be applied toward the school’s 2025 fees. The deposit is non-refundable. All schools which enter the lottery will be randomly selected for first choice of country assignments. The school which is drawn to select first will automatically receive its first choice of one country assignment. Each successive school will receive their first choice, unless it has already been assigned, in which case they will receive their second choice, etc. Schools which register for more than one delegation will be placed in the initial lottery for one delegation, and will be assigned additional delegations in subsequent rounds.

Because of this procedure, schools should list a minimum of -15- choices for each delegation requested. Schools that cannot attend the 11:30 am lottery should list a minimum of -25- choices for each delegation requested. Should none of the listed choices be available when a school is drawn, and no decision-maker be present, the school will be moved to the back of the first round of the lottery. The second round of the lottery will not be held until all first round delegations have been assigned. Schools which are not present at the 2024 Conference and wish to participate in the lottery should should e-mail their form to and pay their deposit(s) via the AMUN Store by 20 November 2024.

Alternately, schools may complete the Lottery Registration Form as their application, and mail a check to the Executive Office address or complete payment via our secure server. All mailed lottery checks must be received by 15 November. 2024 participants may also utilize this form and bring the form and lottery deposit with them to Conference registration. Please consult the Member State list when making your choices for the lottery.

At the conclusion of the lottery, all future delegation assignments will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Please direct any questions about this lottery process to the Secretary-General or Executive Director, who can be reached through the Conference Services desk in the ballroom lobby. If you have questions prior to arrival at the Conference, please e-mail the AMUN Executive Office at

Security Council Participation Policy

Historically, AMUN has placed minimal requirements on delegations’ selection of countries. With respect to the few requirements that we have put in place, we have relied on delegations self-regulating compliance, and we have not used any form of enforcement mechanism. For the most part, delegations participating in AMUN have responsibly complied with these requirements, and we are very thankful toward all of those participants.

It does occasionally happen that a delegation is not able to comply with these minimal requirements. We have received a significant amount of feedback over the years indicating that this is frustrating to the delegations who have taken it upon themselves, year after year, to ensure that (1) they have enough Representatives to attend each simulation in which the delegation is assigned to participate; and (2) those Representatives actually attend all sessions. Further, failure of Security Council/Historical Security Council and Permanent Five delegations to comply with the minimum requirements has a negative impact on the quality of the simulation, thus affecting all delegations across the Conference.

This policy enforces these minimal requirements. This policy is not punitive for the sake of being punitive: we believe that delegations who are able to fully participate and actually do fully participate at AMUN should have a higher chance of being assigned popular countries—specifically countries assigned to the Contemporary Security Council and the Historical Security Council simulations.

Any school that has taken a country with a seat on a Security Council simulation, either Contemporary or Historical, is expected to provide at least one, but preferably two, representatives for each session of that simulation. Specifically, this means from the first Council session on Saturday through the final session, ending on Tuesday and includes having a representative available for the duration of each session, including the scheduled late-night emergency session. With respect to complying with this policy during any potential overnight crisis sessions (and other sessions), we will not count Representatives who are unable to fully participate. It is up to the sole discretion of the AMUN Secretariat to determine whether a representative is unable to fully participate.

Further, each Permanent Member of the Security Council (China, France, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the United States) has the additional obligation of filling seats in each of the simulations to which it is assigned for the duration of the Conference, as defined above. This includes seats on the General Assembly Plenary (Concurrent), all General Assembly Committees and any limited-member simulations the country is seated on in a particular year. Participation in the Special Committee is strongly recommended, but not mandatory.

Any school can review their Delegation Committee Report at any time to confirm their committee assignments.

Failure to fulfill this basic obligation will disqualify the associated school from representing a country with a seat on any Security Council simulation (Contemporary or Historical) the next year. If the next year’s country lottery has already taken place, the Executive Office will reassign countries as needed to comply with this policy. The school will be allowed to choose a new country from the list of available countries.

If your group will be unable to comply with this policy, please contact the Executive Office at as soon as possible. We will reassign your country to another school and your group will be able to choose another country to represent. If you have any questions concerning these points or any other issues in your preparations, please e-mail AMUN at or call us at 773-777-AMUN.

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