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Other Model United Nations Conferences

If you’re contemplating attending a Model United Nations conference, AMUN provides a number of materials designed to assist in your preparations. Our Model UN in a Box Simulation Guide is a resource created by AMUN which includes activities on resolution writing and caucusing, as well as a practice simulation for class or club use; to purchase Model UN in a Box please visit our store. Please visit our Teaching and Training Model UN Resources page for additional information on this and other valuable resources.

The links lead to other Model UN conferences, organizations and clubs. The sites listed are independent of AMUN (unless otherwise stated) and AMUN is not responsible for the content of these sites. If your site is linked from this location, AMUN kindly requests that a reciprocal link pointing to AMUN’s main page be placed on your site at your convenience. The more places people can find out about all Model UNs, the better!

Collegiate Model UN Conferences, Organizations and Clubs

High School Model UN Conferences

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