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Express Registration

In keeping with AMUN’s philosophy of giving schools the best possible service at our Conference, we will again provide an opportunity to make our already fast and smooth on-site registration system even better. “Express Registration” is once again available to that select group of schools who care for all of their administrative paperwork in advance and want to leap right into Conference events.

AMUN strongly encourages all schools to pay your full fees and submit your Credentials form in advance of the Conference. While our at-conference registration process is typically fast, having everything taken care of in advance will allow you to pass through the registration line with only a brief stop to confirm your payments and credential, thus saving you time and energy at the Conference.

To make the registration process as fast as possible, a school should do the following:

1. All delegation and per delegate fees must be paid in advance, and the amount received must be exactly correct for the number of students in attendance at the Conference. Any changes (refunds or additional fees required) will need to be handled through the standard registration line.

Please note that AMUN will still accept Lottery Registrations for next year’s Conference in the Registration line, but this can also be expedited by sending in your lottery information in advance of the Conference.

2. A completely accurate Delegation Credentials form must be submitted, in advance, for each delegation your school is representing. Any changes to this form will need to be made through the standard registration line. Please submit your delegation`s credentials using our online form. Please note that credentials may be submitted using this form until 21 November 2024.

For schools which fulfill these requirements, the Registration line at Conference should take just a few minutes; you will be checked in, badges will already be pre-printed for your delegation(s), and your registration packet(s) will be distributed to you very quickly.

If you have any questions about Express Registration, or about your fees or Credentials Forms on record with the Conference, please contact the AMUN Executive Office at (773) 777-AMUN or by e-mail at

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