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The following form should be used by any delegate interested in applying to become a Reporter with AMUN’s International Press Delegation (IPD).

Please note the following important information:

IPD Reporter positions are length-of-conference assignments, and anyone accepted as a Reporter should not be assigned to another committee or council. For this reason, no student should register as a Reporter without first consulting with your Faculty Advisor or Permanent Representative, and confirming that the school has selected you to fill a Reporter slot. Entering your Faculty Advisor or Permanent Representative’s name on the following form implies that you have received their consent to register as a reporter.

IPD participation will be limited to the first 12 Reporters accepted.

For more information on the IPD, please consult the Chapter Three of the AMUN Rules and Procedures handbook.

If you have any questions about this registration form or about AMUN’s IPD, please feel free to e-mail us at or call the AMUN Executive Office at 773-777-AMUN.

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