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The following form should be used by any delegate interested in applying to become a Reporter with AMUN’s International Press Delegation (IPD).

Please note the following important information:

Any interested student can join the IPD. However, IPD reporters cannot also be members of their school’s delegation(s). In other words, participation in the IPD as a reporter is a mutually exclusive, duration-of-the-Conference assignment. Up to two students from any school may become IPD reporters. Students from schools that are not sending a delegation to AMUN are also welcome to apply to participate in the IPD. Students not attending with a school delegation must pay only the AMUN delegate fee.

Due to the resource-intensive and specialized nature of this simulation, AMUN will accept up to 14 IPD reporters; positions will go to applicants on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information, please contact the AMUN Executive Office via phone at 773-777-2686 or email ( or For the best chance of being accepted as a reporter, apply by mid-October.

For more information on the IPD, please consult the "International Press Delegation" in the AMUN handbook.

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