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The State of Palestine Calls Cut Israel in The GA2

Monday while debating the second topic of GA Second Committee, combating illicit financial flows,  Palestine gave a speech about the situation in their country. During the speech they called out Israel for using money for illegal reasons. In an interview with the Representative Jaden Reed of Palestine, she expressed concerns and her State’s disappointment in Israel and other States such as the United States. She stated that Israel has only been there since 1948, and since then, they have been using money they get from the US and other States such as the UK. The US alone gives Israel $3.8 billion in military aid.

Representative Reed said “All this money is going to further human rights violations against Palestinians. Israel should be held accountable for its doings.” Representative Reed also explained that as a State Palestine does not take an anti-semitic position. Their problem relates to Israel’s violations of resolutions that they signed themselves and international human right laws that they agreed to follow.

Representative Reed urged powerful Member States such as the US, the UK and Australia to interfere to start holding Israel accountable.

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