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Sidestepping Topic Two in GA First 

By: Maggie Li, Gracyn Stroman, Students Reporter*

National Chengchi University, East Texas Baptist University 

Representatives of Samoa, Iceland, Switzerland, Austria and Albania held a press conference on Monday morning, declaring their goal of institutionalizing the Bible around the world, setting up financing the system via tithing and suggesting individuals to create their own Bible, including universal doctrines about moral, peace, and love. It appears the Member States are wanting to create their own religion with a Christian label. Representative Hunter Holt of Iceland discussed the implementation of this related resolution. He said, “These Bibles range from ‘The Gospel of Oprah’ to ‘The 1611 Bible’ which allow states to choose how they would like to raise their youth by choosing one from the list and making it the national stronghold.”  The first press conference held on Monday concluded by running out of time while answering participants’ skeptical questions about the feasibility. These controversial claims call into question and amplify discrepancy between cultures, religions and hidden worries that representatives may not be correctly representing the local government’s statements. 

Simultaneously, the block of institutionalizing Christianity led also to the birth of a Muslim counterpart. The representatives of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Türkiye and Albania held a press conference afterward, reaffirming their faith in humanity, the persecution and colonialism they have suffered for the past 200 years and their ultimate goal – peace in the Middle East. Similar to the former press conference, the Islamic conference ended with numerous unraised questions, representatives are curious about their workability and whether this proposal will resolve the conflict in the region. A post-conference interview with Representative Jennifer Salemy and Courtney Graves of Saudi Arabia said, “Conflict in the Middle East is very beneficial to Western nations, but by reunifying the region into the MENA Islamic Empire we are able to take actions that are able to benefit and bring peace into the region.” 

While both of these groups claim that the goal of their resolution is to dissolve violence among youth, nonproliferation and disarmament, the resolutions presented were watering down the possible impact of a resolution. What this Reporter observed through these press conferences is not discussions on Topic Two, rather, a group of representatives creating division instead of seeking unity. Through putting a focus on religion in an attempt toward disarmament among youth, these groups separated themselves from the true issue and have thus alienated themselves from collaborating toward a solution. 

*The views and opinions expressed in this article were part of a simulation of the United Nations held from 18 to 21 November 2023 and do not reflect the views and opinions of the American Model United Nations Conference, American Model United Nations International, LLC. or the governing bodies of the states mentioned in the article.

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