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Seeking Resolution Consensus in GA 1

By: Gracyn Stroman, Student Reporter*

As Representatives from various Member States attempted to reach consensus through caucusing and resolution writing, two groups divided into sides which prevented the resolution process from proceeding. Resolution AA and Resolution CC. Both have a focus on research with biological weaponry. Not necessarily relating to the weapons themselves, but the science behind them. Representative Eli Schweiger of Cambodia said, “There seems to be division between two seemingly similar resolutions but have vastly different subjects. It is my belief we need to continue these resolutions independently.”

Shedding light on this invasive issue, Representative Micheal Hammack from the Republic of Korea said, “reaching consensus is not the issue, cooperation is the thing holding us back.” This proved to be true for the deliberating caucuses. Although, an interview with Representatives from Finland provided an interesting insight. Representatives Lucas Lennon and Rylee Garza-Valtierra from Finland shared the statement, “In keeping with the spirit of cooperation, we support both the Biotechnology Research and Formal Directive Establishment resolutions, AA and CC respectively. Rather than allowing petty disagreements and disputes get in the way of progress, we understand that multiple approaches may be taken to address the same issue. The solutions to this complex issue are not mutually exclusive, but instead synergistic components of a broader coordinated international response.” Finland does not view this Resolution flippantly and is taking a cooperative, efficient approach to this decision. 

The views and opinions expressed in this article were part of a simulation of the United Nations held from 18 to 21 November 2023 and do not reflect the views and opinions of the American Model United Nations Conference, American Model United Nations International, LLC., the *East Texas Baptist University or the governing bodies of the states mentioned in the article.

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