COVID Vaccination and Attendance Policy

COVID Vaccination and Attendance Policy

AMUN is strongly encouraging, but not requiring, that all participants of the in-person AMUN Conference have up-to-date COVID vaccinations prior to attending the conference. Up-to-date vaccinations include the complete primary course of vaccinations against COVID-19 as well as one or more boosters. The Centers for Disease Control strongly encourages that each person receive the Omicron-Variant Vaccine Booster (“bivalent booster”). We encourage all participants, in particular those who are not vaccinated, to take a COVID-19 test within 72 hours prior to the start of Conference and to stay home should they test positive or are feeling ill.

AMUN is aware that this policy may present hardship for some participants. To encourage inclusion for the widest possible number of participants, AMUN offers a virtual simulation.

AMUN also strongly encourages all participants to have their seasonal flu vaccination before Conference.

Masks are Optional

AMUN will encourage, but not require, attendees to wear a mask while on the Conference levels of the hotel. Masking is strongly encouraged for anyone who is not vaccinated or is more vulnerable to COVID-19.

AMUN reserves the right to re-evaluate this masking policy should the CDC recommendations or local Chicago guidelines change.

AMUN will not tolerate harassment of any participant regarding vaccination status or masking choices.

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