Press Conference for GA4

France, the Russian Federation, New Zealand and Germany gave a press conference addressing the General Assembly Fourth Committee’s efforts to reboot the United Nations push for decolonization. Representative Richard Goggin of the Russian Federation lays out the action plan they are working on in draft resolution Self-Determination and Post Colonial Action. Representative Joseph Brueggemeier of France followed up with a statement on their opposition to the continuation of colonial territories and the need to move forward with the United Nations’ goal of eradicating colonies. Representative A.J. Belmont of New Zealand then mentioned how New Zealand has provided healthcare, roads and economic support for their former colonies, and would encourage other colonial powers to provide support in the transition of these territories. Representative Tanatswa Musunda of Germany wrapped up the press conference with a statement assuring their fellow Member States that each decolonization effort will be addressed differently, as each territory has different needs. The Committee will continue to work towards consensus as the conference comes to a close.

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