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Op-Ed: Uzbekistan on the Apathy Shown Towards IEDs in GA1

While many Western Member States may have the privilege to be far removed from the atrocities and terror that IEDs bring to smaller countries, we are not so lucky. We look upon Afghanistan and see the starving and war torn citizens in dire need of help, rather than being dragged into petty political idiosyncrasies. We simply do not have the privilege of semantics when we see our neighbors dying. 

It is with despair and disappointment to see our more privileged and powerful Member States show their apathy, to turn a blind eye at the iniquity that rests within Afghanistan’s borders. When called for the support of humanitarian aid to arguably the most affected region in the world on the issue of improvised explosive devices, not only was a blind eye turned, but the deplorable abhorrence in their words could be felt on every destitute ear from which the proposal helped. The UN represents, and should always represent, a united global community that works in harmonic consonance. Is it in harmony to see the dire need fall upon Middle Eastern States alone, without the support and aid of major world powers? It is a stance that does not go unnoticed. 

Resolution 1st/I/5 proposed a comprehensive aid plan that had the intention of targeting IED specific crimes, in addition to securely providing medical and humanitarian aid to the people of Afghanistan. The actions that Norway and India have taken today are disappointing and an insult both to the people of Afghanistan, but also to the work that neighboring States have already done to further the stability of the Gulf. 

Additionally, while China supports a policy of economic development in the area under the Belt and Road Initiative, a number of the Gulf States express concern that their sudden shift in policy after an initial sponsorship point to the abandonment of support for social infrastructure and their concerns for the safety and preservation of their citizens. Overall though, we will seek to look to the future to build relations and allow the effects of the policies passed to speak for themselves.

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