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Giving Tuesday
AMUN staff members gather for training before the 2017 Conference. Photo Credit: Aaron Jorbin

American Model United Nations (AMUN) provides a valuable experience to over 1500 collegiate-level attendees from more than 90 schools throughout the United States and abroad. During a four-day simulation of various United Nations bodies, AMUN introduces representatives to both the challenges and complexities of diplomacy and international negotiations as well as the tremendous rewards that come when a compromise is reached among diverse countries with different interests.  AMUN also provides a forum for all individuals to practice their public speaking and writing skills. Over the past 28 years, AMUN has been a part of over 20,000 students’ lives.

Of course, none of this is possible  without a dedicated staff of over 125 volunteers. Every member of our volunteer staff donates many days of their time to the Conference—added together, our staff donate more than 1000 days to AMUN each year. Our staff also travels, at their own expense, to Conference and to mandatory staff training from everywhere in the United States.

To AMUN staffers, seeing the joy of a successful conference is clearly defined in that moment: when the body uses consensus to pass a resolution, when a representative confidently makes a motion for the first time, and when advocates passionately argue their position before the International Court of Justice.  

#GivingTuesday is an opportunity to give monetary support to the charity of your choice. We hope you consider AMUN for this privilege as our staff continues to support the educational goals of college students and give a place for civil debate on international issues.

AMUN Secretariat members (staffers) give their time, energy, and funds for Representatives to have a successful Conference every year. Help our staff to reduce their out-of-pocket expenses by making a donation this #GivingTuesday. Donations can be made by PayPal to or on our Facebook page.

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