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GA Plenary Topic 2: Global health and foreign policy

The General Assembly Plenary continued debate and resolution drafting for Topic 2: Global health and foreign policy.  Building on the first two resolutions on COVID-19, the body produced a third resolution, GA Plen/II/3, focused on increasing resource commitments to battle disease. Representative Caeden Hunter of Finland stated that the resolution is about “raising global health standards around the world” and focuses its attention on preventative measures.  The resolution calls for an increase in health personnel, health assets, and information to battle all forms of disease and deploy across the globe as necessary.  Representative Hunter called the draft resolution “broad but compact” and its drafting overcame several issues to become more consensus building. This resolution passed unanimously 25-0-2.

The General Assembly also turned its attention from current pandemics to more endemic concerns, specifically the right and ability for all to obtain clean, safe drinking water in Resolution GA Plen/II/4.  According to the draft resolution, each person should consume between 50 and 100 liters per day of clean water. The draft resolution recommends suggestions on controlling runoff water that can become contaminated from toxic fertilizers and pesticides, including utilizing organic fertilizers, plant and animal compost, crop rotation, and the planting of trees and vegetation which will “provide an environmentally friendly buffer to prevent runoff at a very low cost.”

The committee then turned its attention to Topic 1: Review of the United Nations peacebuilding architecture.

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