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From Greens to GMOs: GA3 Passes Resolution GA3/II/4

The morning session of GA Third Committee closed debate on Resolution GA3/II/4. This resolution is on the Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), the optional research of GMOs in food production, and, as Representative Maggie Funston of Honduras stated, the Committee is “ensuring the intellectual property rights free of corporations with this resolution.”

GA3/II/4 involves “all of us coming together to assess the best way to attack and grant the right to food,” Representative Funston for Honduras continued, “This is not at all developed versus developing.” Other Member States wanted to continue debate on the resolution and not vote, “because the debate has pretty much been about if GMOs are good or bad,” as Finland remarked while making a speech on the floor, advocating to shift the focus back to debate on GA3/II/4. “How realistic [is] this plan?” Finland questioned fellow Member States, “how are these nations actually going to get the funding from developed nations when many of those nations don’t want anything to do with GMOs?” 

Ultimately, the vote passed in favor of closing debate and moved into voting on GA3/II/4, passing with a vote of  43/23/7. 

Representative Tesleem Ajisafe of Belgium, voted in support of GA3/II/4 and commented that they, “look forward to going into deep research in GMOs so that we will know if it’ll be sustainable or not.”

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