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Closing Remarks from the 2023 Secretary-General, Jared M. Melville

By Jared M. Melville

Welcome to the end of your four days of Conference! On behalf of the AMUN Secretariat, I congratulate you for your outstanding work and achievements this Conference. We hope you will join us again next year as a returning representative or member of staff!

On Saturday, I discussed the difficulty of diplomacy and representing your country’s agenda in response to some of the most challenging problems facing our global community today. I hope that you recognize your success in your discussions and consensus building and have learned from your collaboration with your fellow diplomats.

I want to discuss some highlights of the hard work that simulations across the Conference put forth to make improvements across the globe.

When discussing natural disaster resiliency, the General Assembly Plenary focused on State partnerships with non-governmental organizations to provide sustainable and swift solutions for the betterment of climate refugees. The General Assembly First Committee adopted resolutions that aim to strengthen the biological weapons convention. The Second Committee grappled with how to support the financing of clean energy while maintaining diligent respect for the diverse needs and challenges of all Member States. The Third Committee considered solutions for the safety of journalists, and for the prevention of crimes that affect the environment.

The International Telecommunication Union adopted resolutions to expand broadband infrastructure in an equitable manner while preserving the voices of indigenous populations, and expanding access to visual and hearing technologies for persons with disabilities.

The International Court of Justice convened to discuss complex international disputes, weighing jurisprudence and hearing from incredible Advocates. Additionally, the Justices hosted an informative press conference, highlighting the vital work of the Court.

The Economic Commission for Africa collaborated to address barriers to women’s entrepreneurship and economic empowerment. The Commission on Population and Development discussed topics such as food insecurity and migration while grappling with the reality that conflict, natural disasters and climate change require thoughtful and effective solutions.

In an impressive feat of diplomatic agility, the Security Council set up a temporary ceasefire in Gaza allowing vital humanitarian aid to be delivered. While debate was fierce in the Historical Security Council of 2003, representatives reached consensus on resolutions to contain an Ebola outbreak in the Republic of the Congo, reauthorize a peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and save the zoo animals of Baghdad.

Elsewhere, the International Press Delegation contributed to the AMUN Chronicle. From public interest pieces, with in-depth looks at the cultural impact of stolen artifacts within States, to Press Conferences covering controversial topics at hand, to writing about the benefits of consensus-building in report committees, Reporters effectively disseminated information about the United Nations and world events to all people.

I am sure that this was not easy, but you made it through. The challenges you faced are similar to the challenges faced by diplomats every day. Not every resolution has passed; you may have needed to give in on concessions in order to gain support for your motions or gain sponsorship for your resolutions. Sometimes you’ve gotten hung up on procedural items when you’d rather be discussing more substantive motions. But, in the end, you have completed a difficult task. You have discussed pressing global issues and come to consensus within your simulation to arrive at solutions on some of the world’s greatest challenges.

You should be incredibly proud of yourselves. It takes courage to step into the fray. A little bit of guts, too. Because it would have been easier to hunker down and shy away from these sometimes very difficult and uncomfortable conversations. Instead, you showed up. You spoke. Collaborated. Sought solutions. Sometimes failed, but sometimes found a better way forward.

We live in historic times. And because of your courage, I believe our future is in good hands.

Find satisfaction from your time spent in these halls. Wherever you go—anywhere in the world—whatever you do, I hope you can carry something from AMUN with you. The skills you’ve gained, memories you’ll cherish and friendships you’ve forged through diplomacy, can last a lifetime.

Think about the ways that the work you have done throughout this conference can impact the world as a whole. These ideas can be the seed that sprouts into a real-world solution to make the world an even better place. I encourage you to keep up the excellent work and continue utilizing your diplomacy and consensus-building skills to champion lasting solutions

As my last official order of business as Secretary-General for the 34th Annual AMUN Conference, it is a sincere joy and distinct privilege to introduce the 2024 President of the General Assembly, my friend, Alex Luna. <applause occured>

And finally, let me introduce my friend, who has supported me and all of AMUN as we’ve overcome a variety of challenges this year, and who has been absolutely integral to this year’s conference —  2024 Secretary-General, Madeline Glass. <applause occured>

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