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AMUN does the #LiveBelowtheLine Challenge

Live below the line
Photo: A corner shop in Boston, MA. Credit: Elvis Batiz

This year, AMUN is simulating the General Council of the Food and Agriculture Organization. Between researching the FAO’s history and functions and looking into our topics for the year, our staff has been thinking a lot about food security, malnutrition and the importance of agriculture worldwide.


What is the Live Below the Line Challenge?

The Live Below the Line Challenge is an international campaign hosted in conjunction with UNICEF that raises awareness for the 1.2 billion people living in extreme poverty. Participants commit to living on a $1.50-a-day budget for five days straight. Over 80,000 participants have raised more than $16 million for poverty and food aid throughout the life of the challenge.

Note: The challenge was not hosted in 2016, but may return officially in 2017. AMUN Staff just decided to get a jump on the official program and to take the challenge for themselves, even if not part of a broader movement.

Why are we participating?

One of AMUN’s main philosophical goals is to provide our representatives with the best educational experience possible. We are best able to do that when our staff knows what they’re doing. We find that learning by doing allows us to absorb knowledge in a more intimate way and is key to growing our empathy and understanding.

Plus, we think you might find it interesting.We sure did!

What will you see on the AMUN blog?

Over the next several weeks, you’ll be seeing some unique content on the AMUN Accords. You can expect:

  • New video content – Three of our staff members volunteered to do the challenge and blog about their experience. We’re excited that two of our members, the 2017  Under-Secretary General of Research and Director of Research did this in a daily vlogging format!
  • More information on food and nutrition worldwideWe’ve gathered the troops to put together some of the most up-to-date and interesting information on nutrition, poverty and what the United Nations is doing to help.

Can you participate?

Absolutely! We’ll be posting the rules we followed and the UNICEF guides to the challenge. Please make sure that if you participate you do so safely and with your health in mind, and tag us using #AMUN150.

So, stay tuned to the AMUN Accords for an intro to our participants and the start of the AMUN Live Below the Line experience.

More to read

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