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Australia Renounces Authority of King Charles III

In a press conference on 21 November, Australia shocked the General Assembly Plenary by stating Australia would “no longer recognize the authority of King Charles II.” With the death of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II on the 8 September 2022, Australia has reevaluated its relationship with the Crown and its position in the international community. 

“We can no longer allow ourselves to have a non-democratically elected official,” announced Representative Evan Porter of Australia, “The people of Australia want to move toward an entirely democratic system.” 

While Australia, along with the support of Canada, Belize, New Zealand and the Bahamas, no longer recognizes the authority of King Charles II, Australia clarified that there are “no ill feelings toward the monarchy” or “ill will towards the Crown” and has no plans to leave the Commonwealth. Instead, Australia affirmed their intention to continue working with the United Kingdom and “[looks] forward to continuing our strategic partnership and relationship with the United Kingdom.”

In an interview Monday evening, Representative Kai Christensen of the United Kingdom talked about the surprise the UK felt witnessing the press conference announcement, stating that, “There were no warning signs at all.” Expressing disappointment in the Member States that support  this movement, Representative Christensen plans to make amends with Australia.

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