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2001 Conference Final Report

The AMUN 2001 Final Conference Report contains the following documents. Please feel free to contact the AMUN Executive Office for any additional resources.

  1. AMUN 2001 Conference Program
  2. Final Resolutions and Statements passed by the Committees and Councils
    1. Resolutions passed by the General Assembly Plenary session
      1. 1st Committee (Disarmament and International Security):
      2. Resolution GA/1st/I/5, Prevention of the Violent Disintegration of States

      3. 2nd Committee (Economic and Financial):
      4. Resolution GA/2nd/II/20, Water Supply and Sanitation

      5. 3rd Committee (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural):
      6. Resolution GA/3rd/II/5, Right of Peoples to Self-Determination

      7. 6th Committee (Legal):
      8. Resolution GA/6th/I/1, Report of the Special Committee on the Charter of the United Nations and the Strengthening of the Role of the Organization Related to Economic Sanctions

    2. Economic and Social Council
      1. Resolution ES/I/1, The Right to Education
      2. Resolution ES/I/2, The Right to Education
      3. Resolution ES/I/3, The Right to Education
      4. Resolution ES/II/1, Integration of Gender and Human Rights of Women
      5. Resolution ES/III/1, Convention to Combat Desertification
      6. Resolution ES/III/2, Convention to Combat Desertification
      7. Resolution ES/IV/1, Assistance to Third States Affected by Sanctions
      8. Resolution ES/V/1, Report of the Food and Agriculture Organization
    3. Security Council
      1. Resolution SC/2
      2. Resolution SC/3
      3. Resolution SC/9
      4. Resolution SC/10
      5. Presidential Statement SC/PS1
      6. Presidential Statement SC/PS2
      7. Presidential Statement SC/PS3
    4. Historical Security Council (1956)
      1. Resolution HSC/2
      2. Presidential Statement HSC/PS1
  3. Decisions of the International Court of Justice
    1. Nauru v. Australia
      1. Decision
    2. Slovakia v. Hungary
      1. Majority Decision
      2. Dissenting Opinion
    3. Nicaragua v. Honduras
      1. Majority Decision
      2. Concurring Opinion
      3. Dissenting Opinion
  4. Report of the Food and Agriculture Organization
  5. Issues of the AMUN Daily Chronicle (International Press Delegation)
    1. Volume XII, Number 1
    2. Volume XII, Number 2
    3. Volume XII, Number 3
    4. Volume XII, Number 4
    5. Volume XII, Number 5

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