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Position Paper Submission

Please enter your registered name and email and follow the prompts you are presented with. After entering the text for a paper, you MUST click either the "Save" or "Save and continue" button at the bottom of the form in order for your paper to be saved in the system. If you are entering a paper for the first time, please go through your committees in order by using the "Save and continue" button after entering each paper. We suggest that you use the "Save" button only if you are editing or submitting a paper for a single committee or topic.

In order to preserve paragraph breaks in the text, you must insert 2 hard returns after each paragraph.

Even if you are not entering a paper for a particular committee or topic, you may use the "Save and continue" button to proceed to the next one in order.

When a * appears before a country, committee, or topic, this denotes some paper text has already been entered. You may edit or replace the text for previously-entered papers.

Email address:

For information on position papers and their submission, see Position Papers.

PLEASE NOTE: This form should be submitted once for each country your school will represent at AMUN. Also, only the Faculty Advisor or Permanent Representative for your school should fill out this form. This policy is to ensure accuracy and allow a single point of contact for any questions which may arise. If your school has more than one delegation, one Permanent Representative may be designated to fill out the form for all delegations.

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