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Position Paper Submission

Position paper submission deadline for AMUN 2021 has passed.

PLEASE NOTE: This form should be submitted once for each country your school will represent at AMUN. Also, only the Faculty Advisor or Permanent Representative for your school should fill out this form. This policy is to ensure accuracy and allow a single point of contact for any questions which may arise. If your school has more than one delegation, one Permanent Representative may be designated to fill out the form for all delegations.

At the beginning of the form, please provide us with your contact information in case we have any questions.

In the spaces provided on the following pages, please fill in the position paper text for each topic, for each committee/council on which your delegation is seated. Per the above, please fill in this form multiple times if your school will represent more than one delegation.

For your ease in completing this form, we strongly recommend cutting and pasting the text from a word processor (WordPerfect, MS Word, etc.) This should significantly ease data entry, and not require retyping of position papers into the form.

Per the AMUN Rules and Procedures book Chapter V, the paper for each topic should be one-half page in length, single spaced. These papers should not be formatted in any way (bold, italics, footnotes, etc.). Each topic for your country’s committee/council assignments should be covered. If your delegation chooses to place a representative on the UNEP, you should also submit a paper for the topics in that simulation. Note that position papers are not required for either ICJ Judges or IPD Reporters.

This electronic submission of position papers allows us to greatly expedite the processing of papers. It will allow us to post these to the web more quickly for your perusal, in order to better assist you in your final preparations for the AMUN Conference. Position papers will also be available for review at the Conference. Furthermore:

  • Delegations on ECOSOC should submit a position for each of the three primary topics (not including CCPCJ), but these may each be shorter papers (1/4 to 1/3 page each).
  • Delegations on the Security Council or Historical Security Council are encouraged to select the two or three topics which are most important to their country, and submit a position for each of those topics.
  • Delegations that choose to take a seat on the UNEP simulation should also submit a position for each topic.

Finally, please note that the complete position paper for your delegation should ONLY be submitted when all papers are available and ready to go. Please do not submit partial or incomplete position papers for your delegation(s).

As always, please feel free to contact the AMUN Executive Office by e-mail at or by phone at 773-777-AMUN if you have any questions.

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