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Credits for AMUN Rules and Procedures 2018

AMUN 2018 Executive Committee
Secretary-General, Nia Indelicato
President of the General Assembly, Joshua Adams
Under-Secretary-General for Administration, Ruth Monnier
Under-Secretary-General for Development, Joshua David Marko
Under-Secretary-General for the International Press Delegation, Chimene Okere
Under-Secretary-General for Research, Brianne E. Reeves
Under-Secretary-General for Rapporteurs, Rob Matevich

Jacqueline E. Whitt

Online Publisher
Aaron Jorbin

Originating Authors
Christopher Easley
Brian Endless
Eric Hutson

Contributing Authors and Editors
Joshua Adams
Jennifer Aron
Chase Barclay
Christina Bates
Shannon L. Dunn
John F. Gaustad
Nia Indelicato
Paul Kruchoski
Daniel Maday
Isaac Makos
Joshua David Marko
Rob Matevich
Alexandra Middlewood
Ruth Monnier
Chimene Okere
Benjamin Osborn
Kayla Schmidt Osborn
Brianne E. Reeves
Nathan Ritsema
Jacob Street
Rebecca Thomas
Jacob P. Torres

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