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Assigned Virtual Countries

Countries assigned for the AMUN 2021 virtual conference

All countries listed are automatically seated on the Concurrent General Assembly Plenary. Each delegation is expected to assign one representative to each Committee, Council and Commission on which it is seated.

The following codes designate on which committees each Member State is seated.

1 = General Assembly Plenary (Concurrent)
2 = Commission on Population and Development

Country School
Argentina   1 2Alverno College 
Chile   1Alverno College 
Colombia   1 2Alverno College 
Costa Rica   1National Chengchi University 
Cuba   1 2Truman State University 
Democratic People's Republic of Korea   1Truman State University 
Denmark   1 2Missouri Southern State University 
Estonia   1Dominican University 
India   1 2Westminster College 
Iraq   1University of Wisconsin - La Crosse 
Ireland   1University of Central Oklahoma 
Japan   1 2Wichita State University 
Kenya   1Millikin University 
Mexico   1 2Alverno College 
Nigeria   1Anderson University 
Poland   1Central Michigan University 
Senegal   1Coe College 
Sudan   1University of Arizona 
Switzerland   1University of Arizona 
Thailand   1Missouri Southern State University 
Turkey   1 2National Chengchi University 
United Arab Emirates   1University of Arizona 
United States of America   1 2National Chengchi University 
Viet Nam   1Westminster College 

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