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The AMUN Accords Topic List

The following is a running list of potential topics in search of authors for The AMUN Accords. Please follow the instructions below if you are interested in writing a guest blog post about one of these topics. If you are interested in writing a post for a topic not on this list, please consult our guidelines for the pitch process.

From our Submission and Contributor Guidelines: Volunteer for an AMUN-generated topic: The AMUN Accords editorial team keeps a running list of potential blog topics. If you would like to write on one of these topics, send an email to with “TOPIC REQUEST” in the subject line that briefly  (150 words max) describes your angle on the topic and your interest/expertise on the topic.

Model UN Tips and Tricks – Posts about general Model UN topics

  • SYR Series (So you’re representing. . . )
    • A Least-Developed Country
    • A non-US P5
    • The United States
    • A microstate
    • Palestine
    • An OECD country
    • A “rogue” or “pariah” state
    • A war-torn state
    • A newly-formed State or State with a new government
    • A communist state
    • A religious state/theocracy
    • An autocratic state
  • Teaching a Model UN class for credit
  • Running a Model UN club
  • Teaching about the UN in an IR class
  • Grading and evaluating a Model UN class
  • Model UN club fundraising
  • Running a high school Model UN conference
  • The paper MUN binder
  • The digital MUN binder
  • Public speaking
  • Consensus-building
  • Caucusing
  • Participating in a crisis simulation
  • Crafting a conference strategy
  • Collaborating on a resolution or report
  • Working with a partner in a committee
  • Working alone in a committee
  • Hosting an open practice/mock MUN session
  • Representing multiple delegations
  • Selecting a country
  • Assigning students to teams and simulations
  • Coordinating your country’s position across committees

Two Point Two – Posts specifically about the American Model United Nations (AMUN) conference, simulations, or topics

  • Being an effective Permanent Representative at AMUN
  • Being an effective Faculty Advisor at AMUN
  • Using social media at AMUN
  • How Rapporteurs can help you succeed
  • Using AMUN’s Home Government effectively
  • Things to do during the Monday afternoon break
  • Insider tips – logistics (hotel, parking, dining, etc.)
  • Running an end-of-day delegation meeting
  • First-hand accounts
    • My first AMUN conference
    • Being an ICJ advocate 
    • Being an ICJ justice
    • Being an IPD reporter
    • Participating in a report-writing body
    • Participating in a GA body
    • Participating in a Security Council simulation
    • Participating in a historical simulation (SC)

Turtle Bay – Posts about the United Nations and its work

  • This week at the UN
  • Summary of the work of a body after it concludes its session
  • Exploring the history and relevance of a major treaty, agreement, etc.
  • Write about a fun fact or unique historical moment at the UN

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