Why you should join the AMUN Staff: MUN and professional skills

AMUN staff members
AMUN staff members

AMUN 2018 is fast approaching, and our AMUN staff members are hard at work making sure that our participants will have a rewarding, educational and fun experience. One of the best things about AMUN is the talented and passionate people who volunteer their time to make it happen. We love our staffers; they truly make magic happen each November.

We recruits the AMUN staff directly from you, the representatives who attend each year. At each Conference, we recruit new people to join our Secretariat, so don’t be surprised if one of our current staffers approaches you and asks you to apply. Whether or not you are approached individually, we encourage anyone interested to apply. Managing such a large conference takes a lot of dedicated volunteers (around 120), and we need new people each year.

Why should you join the Secretariat? There are a lot of reasons: it’s a ton of fun, you get to meet some amazing people and you learn new skills (or perfect current ones). But, today, I want to highlight some of the professional benefits available to you as a staff member.

Professional Skills Building

We pride ourselves on the professionalism of the AMUN staff. We have an excellent reputation in the Model UN community for having helpful and engaging staff members. We’ve earned this reputation by providing our staff members high-quality professionalism training. And I can tell you as someone who has been a staff member for thirteen years, the professionalism training you receive through AMUN really does stick with you. I often apply what I’ve learned from this training to my real life jobs. And employers notice; they value employees who can conduct themselves in a professional manner, especially when in stressful and/or fast-paced environments (sound like Conference?).

You can also use what you’ve learned at AMUN to help you land jobs. Prospective employers love to hear about the customer service and conflict-management skills we teach our staff . I’ve often brought up things I’ve learned or done through AMUN on job interviews, and the hiring managers have always been impressed. I’ve also found that employers like hiring people who show passion and dedication. Explaining your work with AMUN is a good way to demonstrate these qualities. After all, someone who volunteers their free time and vacation days to AMUN is probably a hard, reliable worker, and someone you want to have on your team.

Mentoring and Advice

The other great professional benefit of being an AMUN Staff member is the people you’ll meet. On top of being smart, fun people, you’ll find that we have some awesome mentors on staff. Our staffers cover a diverse age and experience range, from current college juniors and seniors, to those who have been involved with AMUN since its founding. There are a lot of people with lots of experience, and they often help fellow AMUN staffers with advice or even job leads and recommendations. I know staffers who help others build better resumes. I’ve seen staffers ask for advice on how to deal with situations at work on our Facebook page and get dozens of great answers from people who have been where they are. And I can say that personally, I have the awesome real life job I have today because of a fellow AMUN staffer who recommended me for the prior position I had at my workplace.

These are just a few of the great professional benefits you have access to as an AMUN staff member. It’s nearly impossible to list them all or go into detail about the dozens of times I’ve seen how the skills learned at AMUN has helped a person grow. I know I am better at my job because of the skills I have learned (and continue to learn) on the AMUN staff. I sincerely hope you consider joining staff this year.


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